I missed the peak day of looking at the Perseids meteor shower when you can see a lot of falling and burning meteors. But I caught up this show in the next day.

Photo by Felix Mittermeier from Pexels

It was too late, and I was scared that I could fall asleep while driving, so I asked my friends to go with me. And it was enormous luck, one of them joined me, and we have a lot of exciting conversations.

It was my dream to look again at stars. Last time I saw stars ten years ago and dreamed a lot about it again as a city citizen. But what could be easier than just go and look?

Bright moon, clear sky, Milky Way, falling meteors, tons of stars… I forgot about all my problems, I forgot about anything. A spectacle was so absorbing, I felt like a very little man in the middle of nowhere. I felt that my life is short, and many people saw this before me and will see this after me.

I literally recharged. It usually takes 2–3 weeks for me to travel abroad to feel the same. But this time it took only 2 hours.

I thought about how far I got from nature by living in the city. We spoke about space tourism. This show naturally drives you to philosophical talks.

I am so happy that I did it. It was an invaluable experience. As my friend said: “We took away a little eternity in our pockets.”

Originally published at https://dmytrokrasun.com.