I was afraid that if I fail, I will not find a job because there will be a gap in a resume and many questions about what I was doing.

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

With that way of thinking, I drove myself into a dead end. I can’t keep working, and I want to do my projects. I have to keep working so that there are no holes in my resume, and I can find a job later.

That is a contradiction in pure form, and until you write it, you will not understand.

Today I think that I don’t have to be afraid of leaving the job, I don’t have to be scared of gaps in my resume. And that’s why.

If you were a good employee, you could always ask to return to the company you had left. And the chance that the company will take you back is tremendous.

You only need to understand what to answer the question: “What will stop you from leaving this time in half a year?”

If this option does not work, you can send out your resume with a sharply reduced fee, which is not desirable because you will have to get out of it. And the low remuneration in itself lowers the level of self-esteem. But this option dramatically increases the chances of employment.

You can turn to your friends. And you can go through the global market. Who knows?

But this is not the most important thing. If you are afraid of such things, you should immediately cut any dreams about leaving and working for yourself. If you are so scared of failure and the recruiter’s automatic filters, then why start at all?

Why start with the thought that you will return to work again? Why think about it at all?

I quit. Relax, do what you can with what you have and where you are, right now.

What’s more, who knows where this path will lead you? And what kind of people can you meet? Treat it as an adventure, and life is too short.

Originally published at https://dmytrokrasun.com.