A Typical Consumer

Two hours on Facebook, half and one hour scrolling Twitter, two hours answering messages, and three more hours on Medium, and then I feel exhausted. That’s how I might spend my weekend. The same is valid for a regular working day, and the difference is only in the amount of the hours. And there is no end.

For a long time, I did want to break with all these “social” things, but I did not know how to tackle the problem. The solution seems easy, right? Just stop and quit. But it is not. Because the problem is not in scrolling Twitter, the problem is not in liking posts on Facebook. The problem, as always, in my mind. I would say in the state of my mind.

I am a typical consumer. Instead of creating and contributing, most of the time I consume. This is a habit. I am used to reading, watching, swiping, and scrolling. Most of the time, I absorb information. I consume when I wake up, and while I am sitting in the toilet, I consume while I am eating.

So, I feel like my life does not belong to me. Not like, it does not belong to me. And now is the time when I again try to break with social media apps, but the difference that I see the problem from another angle.

Some time ago, I just tried to block Facebook, I deleted Instagram and guess what? I found other places to graze — Reddit, HackerNews, IndieHackers, and blogs of outstanding personalities. So it did not help out, and I returned to the consumption.

I do repeat this word — consumption, to drive it into my head.

This time I want to break free again, but I will try to focus on decreasing consumption and increasing creation or production. I assume that I might return to this state back, but I will try different approaches anyway.

I want to switch to creation. And I think that writing is the most straightforward way to start. I did not create a new blog, and I decided to write quickly and publish it right away to my current technical blog. From this post, the blog is not professional anymore.

Instead of surfing on Facebook for 1 hour, I decided to switch to surfing on my keyboard and dive into the Notes app.

I assume that the only way to fight consumption is to be friends with creation. And continuously or incrementally, it does not matter, to create.

I am finishing this post. Thank you for reading it. And believe me or not, but I feel good. Even if today I return to consumption, I will know that I produced something.


Originally published at https://dmytrokrasun.com.


I write about software engineering and my life journey.

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