Dmytro Krasun

I should charge for FollowRoad.One, not because I want to, but because I need to.

It does not make sense to make it free. It is not a sustainable way to build it. And free version of the product does not provide any feedback to improve it.

Charging will force me to build the product in a way to bring the most value to customers.

I do not have even free users of the product, so I am not afraid to start charging.

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I relish writing.

I have written every day in the past ten days, and I caught myself enjoying writing. It is not easy. On some days, it t is tough. On some days, I write fluently. But I relish it.

Writing gives a feeling of accomplishment that I can’t feel when I build something significant and interrupt the work. I love this feeling of finishing a thing.

I see how my vision becomes more precise, and my thoughts are more structured. Writing helps me to clarify complex topics.

Still, I do not know if I am better at writing after ten days, but I want to continue. I like the results I see.



People are not bad, and people are not good.

Nobody does want to harm me conscientiously, and nobody does not want to make me feel good. Usually, people want to be a little bit happier, even at the cost of the happiness of others, but not conscientiously.

I am the same, I do not remember myself conscientiously thinking about doing some evil to somebody, but I am sure I did. Because I had not thought before acting, or I had not known something.

When I think that I am good, I will define other people as bad. After all, I will define people as just humans when I know how bad I am.

Colorizing people in good or bad is the game of ego and nothing more.