I sent my recent writings to my close friends and expected to receive feedback. But only two answered. Why does nobody care? I was disappointed.

Nobody cares about what you do, and nobody should not.

Family and close friends should not. Nobody should care about what you do. Until… you…

I started to tweet recently and picked up writing as a hobby. So far, so good, but I must admit that my current writings are primarily banal.

Beginners always suck

I do remember that when I started programming, I did not care a lot about the code quality. But gradually, I improved the…

I am sure that there is a state in which I love myself, everyone, and everything.

Real love like that, without convention and demands. When I give myself completely to everyone and myself, I demand nothing in return. I do not expect anything.

I don’t want to own anyone or…

Focus on outcomes leads to anxiety and frustration. It is an apparent truth for many, but it is still challenging for me.

I can’t control how others feel. But! I can try to be as honest and kind as possible to people.

I can’t attract ten customers, but I can…

I started to play with Twitter in December 2021. I paid Twitter to promote tweets to get new followers, tweeted on different topics, and engaged with exciting individuals and professionals.

I want to honestly summarize my experience to return to it and reassess it.

Why did I decide to invest my time in Twitter?

The truth is that I did…

Dmytro Krasun

I write about software engineering and my life journey.

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